lake meade

Lake Meade Three

AUS is an integral part of the marine operations team providing experienced personnel and state of the art equipment for the offshore riser installation. AUS provides a Falcon Remote operated Vehicle, Trimble DGPS, Lindquist track point systems single beam and multi beam Mesotech Sonar systems.

american samoa

American Samoa Outfalls

AUS divers spent several months in American Samoa repairing outfalls for both government and private customers. A semi-autonomous agency of the American Samoa Government operates two primary treatment wastewater plants in Utulei and Fogagogo (Tafuna).

brightwater conveyance

Brightwater Conveyance

King County conceived Brightwater as a major improvement to the regional sewerage treatment system in response to rapid population growth in greater Seattle.

AUS Diving is a commercial dive company located in Washington, providing Diving Services, Underwater Construction, Sonar Services, Pipeline Inspection, Dams and Bridges Services.

We have extended experience with Commercial Diving, Mixed Gas Diving, High Altitude Diving, Underwater Core Drilling, Hydroelectric Dams, Remote Operated Vehicles, Sonar Inspections, Pipeline Installation, Positioning Systems, Lake Taps, Eel Grass Mapping, Bridge, Bathymetric Survey, Multibeam, Single Beam Sonar Survey and Pier Repair Salvage.


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