American Samoa Tafuna Outfall

American Samoa tafuna Outfall | 2007

Due to the extreme ocean conditions at this location, the hold down chains needed to be replaced. Also, new anodes were welded on to protect the steel components of the pipeline.

American Samoa Utulei Outfall

American Samoa Utulei Outfall | 2007

This project required the replacement of a corroded flange backing ring and replacement of three damaged diffuser ports. The repairs were made without shutting down the operation of the sewage treatment plant. Maximum diving depth of – 160′

American Samoa Outfalls

American Samoa Outfalls | 2007-2015

AUS divers spent several months in American Samoa repairing outfalls for both government and private customers. A semi-autonomous agency of the American Samoa Government operates two primary treatment wastewater plants in Utulei and Fogagogo (Tafuna).

The outfalls from these plants service about 8,000 connections and require repair to avoid environmental degradation of American Samoa’s near-water shores. The repairs involve deep water marine construction, surveying, and salvage skills that can only be performed by highly experienced and knowledgeable professional divers. AUS also performed effluent pipeline repairs for tuna canning facilities located on the island.

These pipelines extend from coastal points of origin far into the ocean to depths of 180′ or more. The pictures show our diver welding clamps on one such pipeline. The 36″ clamps are the shiny objects on both sides of the pipeline. The topside photo shows the sometimes turbulent conditions under which the work had to be accomplished.

Divers Find Product Aboard Sunken WWII Tanker

By David Cleary | ENVIRO FOCUS | JUNE 2009 |

In 2007, Associated Underwater Services (AUS) completed a detailed underwater investigation of the USS Chehalis (AOG-48), a WWII-era navel gasoline tanker resting on the bottom of Pago Pago harbor in American Samoa, and discovered a large quantity of product still aboard. Now the company wants the contract to salvage the vintage high-octane aviation fuel, but several obstacles stand in the diving company’s way.

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Deep Courage


Commercial diver Kerry Donohue rides a tugboat to the eastern caisson – or foundation – of the new Tacoma Narrows bridge. Donohue, vice president of Associated Underwater Services of Spokane, is one of 16 divers working on the bridge. They are removing roofs from 30 airtight chambers at the caisson’s base.

Just hearing about Kerry Donohue’s job is enough to make some people queasy.

He’s a commercial construction diver, working at the bottom of the two foundations of the new Tacoma Narrows bridge. He works alone, inside spaces that are a lot like elevator shafts, with 15 stories of concrete and salt water above him. At that depth, no natural light penetrates. The only illumination comes from his headlamp.

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