AUS Projects

520 Bridge Now Open

By Mark | Apr 18, 2016

After nearly six years of construction, AUS is proud to announce the opening of the new highway 520 floating bridge that helps travelers across Lake Washington. The new route 520 bridge is the world’s longest floating bridge at 7,710 feet long, bringing it 132 feet longer than the old highway 520 bridge. Once the new … Read more

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Spokane River “Barge” Cleanup

By Mark | Sep 27, 2015

The river cleanup was part of a series of events in September designed to help people “fall in love with the Spokane River.” Pictured to the right is Keith Nelson of AUS pulling a bike from the river.   Here’s an article and video from A week in the waters of the Spokane River trolling … Read more

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Northern Water Colorado Water Conservatory

By Mark | Feb 28, 2015

ROV PENETRATION INSPECTIONS Farr Pump Plant, Willow Creek Intake and Grandby Lake Intake Project completed August 2014 Farr plant intake inspection: Required the internal and external inspection of the intake structure utilizing a SEAEYE Falcon ROV. The structure was located in 113 feet of water at an altitude of 8200 feet. A wet diver team was … Read more

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Nine Mile Dam Project

By Mark | Feb 16, 2015

AUS has multiple dive teams working on the nine mile dam project. The underwater work is part of a large refurbishment project for Avista corporation. AUS is performing underwater operations including wall sawing, core drilling, welding, burning, anchor bolt installation steel setting, grouting, bulkhead guides and bulkhead installation and removal. The difficult working conditions require a team effort and … Read more

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Blue Lake Dam, Sitka Alaska

By Mark | May 4, 2014

AUS is currently working on the Blue Lake Dam in Sitka Alaska. The project requires the removal and replacement of trash racks, bulkhead gates and bypass valves. There is also a large amount of debris to be relocated. AUS has a great deal of experience operating in harsh, difficult environments and are adept in overcoming … Read more

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aus divers at snoqualmie


By Mark | Jun 1, 2012

Rehabilitation at Snoqualmie FOR FANS OF THE EARLY ‘90s serial television drama, “Twin Peaks,” Snoqualmie Falls is instantly recognizable from the show’s iconic opening sequences. But for the nearly two million visitors the falls receives every year, it is so much more. Located about 30 miles east of Seattle, Snoqualmie Falls is one of the … Read more

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Diablo Dam

By Mark | Aug 18, 2011

Maintenance work on Diablo Dam on the Skagit Hydroelectric Project required a shut down of the turbines and some rare water spilling from the dam. In addition it required a good deal of heavy lifting. See why on this video.

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aus divers at snoqualmie


By Mark | Jun 24, 2011

Associated Underwater Services (AUS) continues to assist to Barnard Construction of Bozeman, Montana with the rehabilitation of the historic and still functioning underground hydroelectric facility at Snoqualmie Falls. Read Full Story

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San Vicente Dam

By Mark | May 10, 2011

Aus working closely with Barnard Construction, provided the operational marine support required for installation of the 450 ton Lower Level Outlet Works cofferdam assembly. Services included pre construction survey, including bathymetric profile and dam face profile, assembly and operation of lift barges, transport and assembly of cofferdam sections, setting cofferdam sections, drilling and installation of … Read more

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