AUS conducted a sonar survey at Enloe Dam, situated on the Similkameen River. AUS, teaming with ASI Marine, utilized two different sonar systems to perform the survey.

The first portion of the survey was done with a multi-beam sonar system mounted on the bottom of the work boat. The second portion was done with a profiling sonar system on a tripod. This was deployed by divers to map the scour holes and undermining. These two surveys were “stitched” together, providing one complete map of the bottom. The survey provided valuable data, allowing the client to analyze necessary repairs.

Equipment utilized for this project include: Blueview 5000 Scanning Sonar; Teledyne Odom MB2 Multibeam Echosounder w/RTA; HyPack / HySweep; and a Trimble RTK Receiver.