Offering A Wide Range of High End Equipment

AUS owns and operates a substantial amount of equipment and has the ability to service multiple projects simultaneously with both road and water support. Click through the tabs to get a deeper insight into our extensive inventory of equipment.

Seaeye Falcon


  • 300 metre depth rating, 16 kilo payload
  • Max 450 metre umbilical (1100 metres with F2 Fibre Optic Pack)
  • Magnetically coupled brushless DC thrusters with velocity feedback loop
  • Vectored and 1 vertical thruster
  • 50 kgf thrust with 1:1 power to weight ratio
  • Distributed intelligence control system
  • Integral system diagnostics
  • High resolution colour camera on 180° Tilt Platform
  • Variable intensity 150 watts of lighting
  • Auto heading, depth, compass and rate gyro
  • Portable surface control system with video overlay and daylight readable display
  • Low drag umbilical
  • Single phase A/C power input – auto selecting universal 100-270 VAC at 2.8 kW

Kongsburg Multi-Beam System

The Kongsburg Multi-Beam System does single beam, multi-beam, and bathymetric surveys.

The EM 3002 is a new advanced multibeam echo sounder with extremely high resolution and dynamically focused beams. It is very well suited for detailed underwater floor mapping and inspection with water depths from less than 1 meter up to typically 200 meters.

Typical applications

• Mapping of harbours, inland waterways and shipping channels with critical clearance
• Inspection of underwater infrastructure
• Detection and mapping of debris and other underwater objects
• Detailed surveys related to underwater construction work or dredging
• Environmental seabed and habitat mapping
• Mapping of biomass in the water column

LinkQuest Tracklink 1500

The TrackLink systems are the world’s best selling USBL acoustic tracking systems with fully integrated high speed acoustic communication capability. Capitalizing on its benchmark Broadband Acoustic Spread Spectrum (BASS) technologies, LinkQuest provides the end users with solutions for underwater tracking and communication at sharply reduced cost and increased robustness. An extensive line of models are available to suit the users’ specification and budget constraint.

Since their introduction early 2002, the TrackLink acoustic tracking systems have quickly become the best selling USBL tracking systems in the world. The TrackLink 1500 systems, sold to more than 12 countries in less than a year, have become the world’s primary choice for tracking underwater vehicles and objects in water depth of less than 1000 meters.

The TrackLink systems have earned unmatched reputation for robustness, accuracy and user friendliness in field operations.

Main Features of the TrackLink Systems

  • Extensive use of modern digital signal processing techniques and state-of-the art DSP processors sharply reduced cost for end users
  • Broadband Acoustic Spread Spectrum (BASS) technologies
  • Strong rejection to multipaths and ship noise
  • Fully integrated with LinkQuest’s most advanced high speed acoustic modems
  • The USBL transponder and acoustic modem share the same electronics and transducer. It significantly reduces the total size, weight and power consumption and eliminates acoustic interface
  • Advanced power-efficient DSP technology for the USBL intelligent transponders.  Field operation time is increased by many folds
  • PC Windows tracking software to display range, bearing, depth, GPS position and other information from the sensors such as an altimeter. Interface directly to the transceiver. No need for a heavy proprietary deck unit
  • Industry’s Smallest and lightest  transceivers allow easier and cheaper installation from a ship.

MS 1000 – Single beam mechanical scanning sonar

The MS1000 is fully adaptable to various ROVs.

Our MS 1000 single beam sonars for imaging and profiling are designed to convert any standard PC platform into a full-function sonar processor without the use of additional boards or hardware. The software application is running under Microsoft Windows.

Features of our single beam sonars

The MS 1000 program also contains a track plotter module that lets you geo-code sonar targets, set up a search grid, pre-plot survey lines, and show sonar coverage. This multitasking module is embedded in the program, giving a view of the sonar coverage and position as well as the sonar data

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Nitrox Gas Unit

AUS manufactures its own compressed air and nitrox gasses (up to 42% oxygen) with a state-of-the-art nitrox blending machine. The machine and generator are containerized and capable of being shipped anywhere in the world on a moments notice.. In addition to the nitrox machine AUS owns several dozen high pressure air and nirtox cylinders including multiple 12 bollt banks.

Generators & Power Distribution Panels

AUS has multiple generators and power distribution panels. AUS has the ability to power an entire barge with just one generator.

Decompression Chambers

AUS Boats

AUS has nine, state of the art, boats. View some of the boats below.

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