AUS was deployed for an emergency call out to survey concrete and debris inside the intake structure for the turbines at Diablo Dam. Utilizing an 8-man crew, AUS removed concrete debris from inside the intake tunnel, downstream from the trash racks, at depths of 120’ – 150’. AUS completed a hydrographic survey to inspect the tunnel and intake with a multibeam sonar. The purpose of the multibeam survey was to gain a 3D point cloud of the trash racks and surrounding area to quantify the missing concrete discovered in primary inspections. AUS successfully extracted the data required to maintain the Dam’s safety and plan future required repairs. AUS, teaming with ASI Marine, used the following equipment on the project: Seaeye Falcon ROV; 2D multibeam imaging sonar; 2D multibeam imaging sonar; and Multi-beam Profiling Sonar (BV-5000).