Pier 55 and 56 Pile and Dock Repair

AUS is currently performing diving work on the Pier 55 and 56 projects in Seattle, WA, for Pacific Pile & Marine(PPM). AUS is providing a three-person commercial diving crew (OSHA, WISHA and ADCI Approved) to

Diving Services on Icicle River

AUS provided diving services on the Icicle River near Leavenworth, Washington. AUS’ efforts are part of the Ecology’s Office of Columbia River and Chelan County aimed at water conservation. These efforts include improvements of water

Mixed Gas Diving at Hungry Horse Dam

AUS Diving was contracted to retrieve three pressure relief panels that had fallen from the Hungry Horse Dams withdrawal system. The Hungry Horse Field Office of the Bureau of Reclamation, is a key project in

AUS works to save the Madison River

Just before midnight Wednesday a replacement part was installed on a broken spillway gate on the Hebgen Lake Dam and flows to the Madison River downstream were quickly boosted. NorthWestern Energy announced the successful repair

AUS responds to fire at The Dalles Marina

THE DALLES, OR (KPTV) - Multiple boathouses were destroyed by a fire that started at The Dalles Marina late Saturday night (July 3rd, 2021).  Mid Columbia Fire & Rescue says the first call came in

Kent Lake Reservoir, Marin County, CA

AUS divers inspected, repaired, and replaced a submerged aerator system on Kent Lake Reservoir. This included the instillation of a new inlet and vent lines on the submerged aerator system while also replacing mooring lines.

Sammamish Bridge Project, Kenmore, WA

On the Sammamish Bridge Project, AUS divers dredged, cut timber support piles, and rigged the bridge footings for removal on four different bridge piers. The purpose of footings is to support the foundation, prevent settling, and

AUS assists DNR with Derelict Vessels

Abandoned boat removal near Port Hadlock aims to mitigate environmental hazards Some 100 yards from shore on Tuesday crews began removing vessels submerged long ago. DNR focuses effort to remove derelict vessels in Jefferson County

Wells Dam Draft Tube Cable Replacement

Wells Dam, Douglas County PUD – Draft Tube Cable Replacement AUS was contracted to replace the Draft Tube Gate Cables in Unit 3. This work entails the entire dive crew and the PUD

Wanapum Dam Pipe Replacement

Wanapum Dam, Grant County PUD - Pipe Replacement Project As part of the ongoing Dive Services Contract with Grant County PUD, AUS provided dive support to install a bulkhead plate over the Raw

Cabinet Gorge Dam Fish Passage Project

Cabinet Gorge Dam, AVISTA Utilities – Fish Passage Project AUS was contracted to provide the underwater support to construct a dewatering structure so that the fish passage facility could be

Thompson Falls Dam Spillway Gate Rebuild

Thompson Falls Dam, Northwestern Energy – Spillway Gate Rebuild AUS was contracted to install and seal stoplogs to dewater the spillway gate. This allowed for maintenance, repairs, and painting to be performed on the

Remote Alaska ROV and Multibeam Survey

AUS was contracted to perform underwater video inspection on the remote island of Sheyma. The inspection included but not limited to, remote operated vehicle inspection of the dock facility, sonar mapping of damage and debris

Lady Grace Salvage

The Washington State Department of Natural Resources Derelict Vessel Removal Program awarded AUS the contract to remove an 80-foot commercial fishing vessel from the Hoquiam River in Southwestern Washington.  The 90-year-old Lady Grace sank on

Wrangell Ferry Terminal Improvements

August 2013 Associated Underwater Services was subcontracted by Pacific Pile and Marine to perform underwater maintenance on the Wrangell Ferry Terminal in Wrangell, Alaska. This consisted of two phases, the first phase was an ROV

The Lancer Salvage

AUS was contracted to salvage the Lancer, a 27ft. 2499 ME Sailboat in Sinclair Inlet, Washington. AUS divers excavated designated areas surrounding the vessel’s hull in order install messenger lines. The divers then used the

Boundary Dam Crack Repair

October 2019 Associated Underwater Services was contracted through a Master Services Agreement with Seattle City Light to repair a crack that AUS divers had previously discovered during an inspection at Boundary Dam. AUS divers repaired

Lake Mead 3 Bulkhead Inspection

January 2020 AUS provides Bulkhead inspection services at the Lake Mead 3 Low Level Pumping Station. The inspection was done by utilizing the VLVB ROV. The ROV unit eliminated the need for deep water

Southway Access Boat Launch Inspection

December 2019 AUS was contracted to perform an inspection on the Southway Access Boat Ramp in Lewiston, Idaho. The purpose of this inspection was to identify the overall condition of the boat ramp and to

Central Premix Clamshell Recovery

January 2020 Central Premix operates their cranes in the Spokane Aquafer 16 hours per day to remove gravel from the aquafer to use in their cement mixture. One of the Clamshell buckets on a crane

181B Wetwell Bulkhead Replacement

January 2020 AUS was subcontracted to perform the diving portion of the 181B Wetwell Bulkhead replacement. Upon removing the trashracks, AUS divers discovered concrete overpour which had to be removed using a rock drill.

West Bay Marina Yacht Salvage

January 27, 2020 The Kings Way 1, a 92’ Grafton Boatworks Expedition Trawler sunk in the West Bay Marina located in Olympia, WA. AUS provided a dive team to attach all of the necessary rigging

Allstate Sailboat Salvage

AUS was recently hired to salvage a 38-foot Tai Chio Sailboat at a marina near Pasco, WA. The vessel was damaged in a winter storm and sank at her berth. The vessel was totaled by

Anchor Chain Recovery/Salvage

March, 2019 AUS was contracted to salvage 100 metric tons of anchor chain and an 8 metric ton anchor in 310 feet of water from the Manchester bay anchorage area. The lost chain posed a hazard

  • Water Intake Modification

Water Intake Modification

AUS performed diving services on a Water Intake located on the Columbia River in Washington State. Both a construction barge and a material barge were used to replace 2 intake screens and sediment removal to

  • i 90 project three

I 90 Floating Bridge Anchor Cable Replacement

AUS recently completed the change out of 32 2-3/8-inch diameter cables for the I-90 floating bridge, owned and operated by the Washington Department of Transportation. AUS set up a mixed gas, surface supplied diving station,

  • aus diving

Lake Mead Bulkhead

December 18, 2018 AUS was hired to remove a 16-foot diameter, domed, bulkhead in support of the construction for the Lake Mead Intake Number 3, Low Level Pumping Station. The bulkhead had 120 of 3-7/8

Wilsonville Wastewater Treatment Outfall Replacement

Summer of 2018 The City of Wilsonville approved a project to replace a 40-year-old corrugated metal outfall pipe and install a new diffuser at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. AUS was subcontracted to perform the underwater

  • The WETA Central Bay Operations & Maintenance Facility

Marine Construction Projects

By Kathy A. Smith Originally posted June 1st HERE Marine Construction companies have been busy over the past year, building new over-water facilities, upgrading existing infrastructure and demolishing structures that no longer serve a useful

Snake River Loveridge Bridge Removal

December 2017 Associated Underwater Services was subcontracted to assist Cannon Builders with the removal of piles for the Loveridge bridge the Snake River in Idaho. AUS cut 85 concrete filled steel piles at or below

Columbia River

Associated Underwater Services was contracted to replace the intake screens on their irrigation water intake structure in the Columbia River. The new screens  are “self-cleaning” and were provided by Intake Screens Inc.  

South Fork Intake Bulkhead Installation

AUS installed two dewatering bulkheads at South Fork Reservoir, located outside Elko Nevada. To allow for repairs on the guardian gates, AUS installed two dewatering bulkheads on the intake structure located at the bottom of

Argentina Project- Emisario Planta Riacheula

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, AUS provided consulting, design, and direct supervision of underwater concrete placement in the four drop shafts required for the implementation of the tunnel machine. AUS was involved in the development of

Box Canyon Dam Upstream Fish Passage Project

Box Canyon Dam Upstream Fish Passage Project Fall of 2017 Box Canyon Dam, located on the Pend Oreille River in Washington, is required to provide upstream fish passage for the Bull Trout, West

Twin Falls Powerhouse

August 2013 AUS conducted a survey of the Twin Falls Powerhouse tail race tunnel between August 6 and August 8,2013. The condition of the tunnel was documented by ROV video and scanning and imaging sonars.

Ryan Dam

In the winter of 2014, AUS spent 10 weeks in Great Falls, Montana, overhauling the waste gates at Ryan Dam. The crew removed the gates and gate stems, installed new gate guides, and replaced the

Twin Falls Hydro ROV

ROV Station at Twin Falls Associated Underwater Services, Inc. (AUS) conducted a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) survey of Twin Falls Power Plant tail race at the Snoqualmie River near North Bend, WA. The

520 Floating Bridge

After nearly six years of construction, AUS is proud to announce the opening of the new highway 520 floating bridge across Lake Washington. The new route 520 bridge is the world’s longest floating bridge at

Spokane River “Barge Cleanup”

Fall 2015 Striving to improve the water quality of Spokane’s River, the City of Spokane and partners created a project known as the “barge cleanup”. The river cleanup was part of a series of events in

Nine Mile Dam Project

AUS had multiple dive teams working on the Nine Mile Dam project. The underwater work is part of a large refurbishment project for Avista corporation. AUS performed underwater operations including wall sawing, core drilling, welding, burning, anchor

Blue Lake Dam Expansion Project- Sitka, Alaska

2013-2014 The Blue Lake Dam Expansion project required the removal and replacement of trash racks, bulkhead gates, and bypass valves. There was also a large amount of debris to be relocated. AUS divers used their

  • aus divers at snoqualmie


Rehabilitation at Snoqualmie FOR FANS OF THE EARLY ‘90s serial television drama, “Twin Peaks,” Snoqualmie Falls is instantly recognizable from the show’s iconic opening sequences. But for the nearly two million visitors the falls receives

Diablo Dam

Maintenance work on Diablo Dam on the Skagit Hydroelectric Project required a shut down of the turbines and some rare water spilling from the dam. In addition it required a good deal of heavy lifting.

  • aus divers at snoqualmie


Associated Underwater Services (AUS) continues to assist to Barnard Construction of Bozeman, Montana with the rehabilitation of the historic and still functioning underground hydroelectric facility at Snoqualmie Falls. Read Full Story

San Vicente Dam

AUS worked closely with Barnard Construction, providing the operational marine support required for installation of the 450-ton Lower Level Outlet Works cofferdam assembly. Services included pre construction survey, including bathymetric profile and dam face profile, assembly

Lake Mead Intake No.3

Lake Mead Intake No. 3 Southern Nevada Water Authority | 2010-2014 AUS is an integral part of the marine operations team for Lake Mead No.3 providing experienced personnel and state of the art equipment for

AUS Partners With Barnard

Snoqualmie Falls Cofferdam Construction a Feat in High Water Constructing cofferdams in moving, high water poses challenges, we’ve found. Western Washington’s “dry season” wasn’t so dry this year. June 1 marked the opening of our

Oak Creek

AUS was an integral part of the marine group supplying personnel and equipment for the Oak Creek project. Download Oak Creek Project PDF

Snoqualmie Falls Hydroelectric Plant Rehabilitation

Snoqualmie Falls Hydroelectric Plant Rehabilitation Snoqualmie Falls Washington: Associated Underwater Services (AUS) continues to assist to Barnard Construction of Bozeman, Montana with the rehabilitation of the historic and still functioning underground hydroelectric facility at Snoqualmie

  • wanapum dam stabilization

Wanapum Dam Stabilization

One month ahead of scheduled completion date, divers from AUS completed the installation of 585 concrete stop logs weighing 60 tons each at Wanapum Dam. The dam is located on the Columbia River, 6 miles

Pier 57 Rehabilitation

AUS Divers Assist with Historic Pier Rehabilitation on Seattle Waterfront: Divers from Associated Underwater Services (AUS) assisted the Pier Rehabilitation Project on Seattle’s historic Pier 57. AUS divers replaced deteriorated timber piles with steel stubs,

Borman Park Intake

Borman Park Intake 2 Gary, Indiana | 2001 The Borman Park Intake in Gary, Indiana, is comprised of a land drop shaft and subterranean tunnel that terminates in a riser intake structure one mile offshore

South Bay Ocean Outfall San Diego, California

1996-1997 The South Bay Ocean Outfall project was initiated to prevent serious environmental problems from wastewater throughout the waters of San Diego and Tijuana. It was designed and constructed to convey wastewater from the International

Lake Mead No.2 – Water Intake

1998-1999 The project for Lake Mead No.2 involved construction of an intake shaft in Lake Mead. Tasks performed by AUS included installation of a rock deflector cage, flared inlet, and 12-foot diameter steel-lined shaft in

Blue Ridge Dam Lake Tap

2003 Associated Underwater Services was contracted to supply all marine intervention for the Raw Water Bypass project for Blue Ridge Dam in Blue Ridge, Georgia. The project consisted of a hard rock tunnel mined to

Lower Granite Dam RSW Removable Spillway Weir

2000-2002 The RSW is a 1100 ton prototype fish bypass structure installed in spillbay 1 on the upstream side of the Dam. The RSW is hinged on the dam face and rotates to an up

Brightwater Conveyance System

2006-2010 In response to rapid population growth in greater Seattle, King County created Brightwater as a major improvement to the regional sewerage treatment system. The project also brought important environmental benefits, such as controlling untreated

Round Butte Dam – Selective Water Withdrawal

2007-2009 Round Butte Dam is located about 90 miles southeast of Portland, Oregon, on and adjacent to the Warm Springs Reservation. Portland General Electric determined that a selective water withdrawal and fish bypass structure was

Round Butte Dam, or Selective Water Withdrawal

2007-2009 Round Butte Dam is located about 90 miles southeast of Portland, OR on and adjacent to the Warm Springs Reservation. Portland General Electric determined that a selective water withdrawal and fish bypass structure was

Brightwater Conveyance System

2006 - 2010 King County conceived Brightwater as a major improvement to the regional sewerage treatment system in response to rapid population growth in greater Seattle. The project also will bring important environmental benefits, such

American Samoa Utulei Outfall

2007 This project required AUS divers to replace a corroded flange backing ring and also replace three damaged diffuser ports at a maximum diving depth of – 160 feet. The repairs were successfully made without

American Samoa Tafuna Outfall

2007 Due to the extreme ocean conditions at this location, the hold down chains needed to be replaced. Also, new anodes were welded on to protect the steel components of the pipeline.

American Samoa Outfalls

2007-2015 AUS divers spent several months in American Samoa repairing outfalls for both government and private customers. A semi-autonomous agency of the American Samoa Government operates two primary treatment wastewater plants in Utulei and Fogagogo

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