South Bay Ocean Outfal San Diego, California

South Bay Ocean Outfal San Diego, California | 1996-1997

The project was initiated to prevent serious environmental problems from wastewater throughout the waters of San Diego and Tijuana. It was designed and constructed to convey wastewater from the International wastewater treatment plant and City of San Diego wastewater treatment to a diffuser system approximately 4 miles offshore.

There was diving to 230′ FSW, utilization of surface air and a surface supplied mixed gas diving system to perform the following tasks:

  • Install/Remove the platform
  • Installation and removal of sheet pile for the glory hole
  • Position casings and riser
  • Install and remove the mandrel
  • Install grouting lines
  • Install the tie-in to the seabed pipeline
  • Position ballast stone around riser and pipeline

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