AUS Retrieves Four Aluminum Sample Sleds at Brightwater Treatment Plant Marine Outfall

2022-11-16T00:39:24+00:00November 16th, 2022|News, Projects|

AUS Diving was contracted to retrieve four aluminum environmental sample sleds along the Brightwater Treatment Plant Marine Outfall.  The Brightwater Treatment Plant Marine Outfall, located in King County, extends a mile off of Point Wells into Puget Sound. The outfall consists of twin 600-foot-deep pipes, each with approximately 250 feet of diffuser at the offshore

AUS Conducts Boundary Dam Forebay ROV and Hydrographic Survey

2022-11-15T23:12:59+00:00November 15th, 2022|News, Projects|

AUS was contracted through a Master Services Agreement to conduct an underwater condition survey at Boundary Dam. The survey was of the forebay north wall and the mouth of the six intake tunnels to identify any spalls, cracks, and general concrete erosion. AUS investigated interfaces between the concrete structures and river bottom for scouring and

AUS Completes Hydrographic Survey and Intake Tunnel Debris Removal at Diablo Dam

2022-11-15T20:48:23+00:00November 15th, 2022|News, Projects|

AUS was deployed for an emergency call out to survey concrete and debris inside the intake structure for the turbines at Diablo Dam. Utilizing an 8-man crew, AUS removed concrete debris from inside the intake tunnel, downstream from the trash racks, at depths of 120’ – 150’. AUS completed a hydrographic survey to inspect the

ROV Penetration Inspections for the Northern Water Colorado Water Conservatory

2020-03-07T01:45:44+00:00February 28th, 2015|Projects|

ROV Penetration Inspections of: Farr Pump Plant, Willow Creek Intake, and Grand Lake Intake Farr Plant Intake Inspection AUS conducted the Farr plant intake inspection which required the internal and external inspection of the intake structure utilizing a SEAEYE Falcon ROV. The structure was located in 113 feet of water at an altitude of 8200 feet.

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